Pain au Chocolat

It’s a short blog tonight. I’m very tired. My eyelids are drooping since 8pm. But, commited I am or at least I try to be , it’s my way of revising what we do in class each day. The alarm clock goes off at 6am so that I can be in class by 8am. Add minus (-) degree temperatures plus I’m working from my bed managing my laptop and a bowl of Poireaux St Jacques soup, I’m as they say in French, “on va faire do-do”, about to doze off. Whether you’re in Cuisine or Pastry you are well tired by the end of your day. But, I believe it to be a good tired. You do a lot, you learn a lot and you produce a lot. For example, today we continued on the Viennoserie route making Pain au Chocolate and various types of Brioche.

I always wanted to know how you make Pain au Chocolat. Voila, secret revealed. To make the pastry dough for Pain au Chocolat, we followed the same Pate Feuillette recipe for Croissants, so the detrempe measurements were: 500g of flour [250gT45 + 250gT55], 12 of salt, 50g of sugar, 15g of yeast and 300g of milk and table of butter to incorporate (or to be encased) into the detrempe.

I found rolling out the dough challenging as it’s always retracting or shrinking and that’s partly because it’s quite elastic. It’s a constant fight with the dough. I know my colleagues have similar problems. Chef was saying something today regarding the T45 flour, that perhaps there’s too much gluten in the dough which makes dough more strong/tough, and next time we’ll try using only the T55.

Another thing that’s not so obvious to the average customer is knowing how to get those little chocolat batons side by side into the Pain au Chocolat.

Here’s a couple of steps from today’s class. Bonne Soir.

IMG_2251 IMG_2250 IMG_2249 IMG_2236

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