Italian slippers

Chaussons Italiens, cutely translated to Italian slippers. They are pocket sized puff pastries (*feuilletage) filled with a mixture of creme pâtissier, pâte à choux cream and rum soaked raisins or orange flavoured water. Here’s a quick snap shot of how puff pastry dough transforms into Chaussons Italiens.

*Feuilletage means creating leaves of pastry. To create leaves we give “turns” to the pastry dough by which we fold the dough.

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10 to 12 pieces

Puff Pastry dough (5 turns), 500g – Note: There are 2 recipes : Feuilletage “Normal” and Feuilletage “Inversé”, refer below.
Pastry Cream, 165g
Pâte à Choux, 330g
Rum raisins, 150g
Rum or Orange flower water, 15g

Rollout the puff pastry to 2mm thickness and 1 meter length
Spread softened butter on the dough sheet and sprinkle lightly with sugar
Roll up the dough sheet immediately along its length, the roll should have at least 7 cm diameter
Harden the roll and cut into sections of 1cm thickness
Elongate the sections with rolling pin and flour generously till they do not stick to the rolling pin
Fill each slice with the following composition:
– 2/3 sweet pâte à choux
– 1/3 pastry cream
– Malagua raisins soaked in rum
Flavor with run or fleur d’oranger
Fold over like the chausson aux pommes without moistening to seal the edges
Bake without egg wash in a medium oven 200°C
Powder with icing sugar after baking.


Recipe N°1 : for Feuilletage “Normal”:
Flour, 400g
Butter, 50g
Salt, 8g
Water approx, 200g
Butter, 250g (Block of butter to fold into the détrempe)

Recipe N°2 : for Feuilletage “Inversé”:
Flour, 270g
Salt, 10g
Water approx, 140g

Beurre manié
Butter, 400g
Flour, 130g

In the recipe inversé you put the détrempe inside the beurre manié.


These recipes are taken from the student class recipe book, Anglo Pastry 2013, created by Chef Patissier, D. Averty of l’ecole FERRANDI . These recipes can be subject to change at the discretion of the Chef or any other Chef at any time. The success of these recipes depends on a number of factors such as the quality of ingredients, temperature and quality of appliances, temperature of the kitchen, skill of the student and/or patissiere and  timing. These recipes do not include additional notes taken by miss pirisi at the time of making the recipe.

3 thoughts on “Italian slippers

  1. Wow your blog is amazing thank u for sharing your recipes u made my day! Do u remember how much it weighs the butter block for croissant dough? Thank you! Leah


    • Bonjour Leah,
      Pardon for my late reply I’ve been on a school trip. Thank you for your lovely comment.
      I’ve added 2 recipes for puff pastry, one is Feuilletage “Normal” and the other is Feuilletage “Inversé”. Here you can see the amount of butter used. I hope that has answered your question. Please don’t hesitate to write again.


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