Creme d’amande (almond cream)

Butter, 250 grams
Sugar, 250 grams
Almond powder, 250 grams
Eggs, 200 grams
Flour, 50 grams
Rum, 40 grams
Vanilla extract, 5 grams

Work sugar, and softened butter (pommade consistency).
Add the almond powder and mix together to a creamy consistency.
Add the eggs one by one.
Beat the mixture to get it blanch, meaning pale colour.
Add the sifted flour.
Add vanilla extract and rum at the end.
Store in fridge.

This recipe is from the student class recipe book, Anglo Pastry 2013, created by Chef Patissier, D. Averty of l’ecole FERRANDI , and is regularly updated. The recipe/s can be subject to change at the discretion of the Chef. The success of this recipe depends on a number of factors such as: the quality of ingredients, temperature and quality of appliances, skill and knowledge of the student and/or patissier/e. 

To receive an updated copy of the Anglo Pastry book, you must be a student enrolled in the Ferrandi Pastry Program.

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