February, the 1st month

[February – The first month]

The International Intensive Pastry Program I’m undertaking runs for 5 months, from February to June, 2013. This month, the month of February, we have learnt the following skills in the laboratory* :

Types of doughs (type de pates): pate a foncer, pate sucre, pate sabler and pate feuitellee.

Tarts & Flans (des tartes et des flans): Tartes aux pommes, Tarte au riz, Tarte Bourdaloue, Tarte Amandine, Tarte aux fruits, Tarte au citron, Tarte au citron meringue, Tarte Victoria, Tarte aux noix, Tarte Dacquoise,  Lintzer tart, Tarte au chocolate, Tarte au cafe, Tarte Abricot, Tarte Normande, Tarte Marguerite, Tarte Souffle, Tarte Souffle avec Apple (pomme) Brandy, Redfruits Tartelettes, Pommes Tartlettes.

Feuilletage: feuilletage normal detrempe : manie], feuilletage inversee [manie : detrempe],

Puff Pastry recipes (recettes de feuilletage): Chaussons aux Pommes, Jalousies, Pithiviers almond et Pithiviers pistache, Conversation, Pain Complet

Bakery: New class! baking traditional baguettes

Creams (creme): Creme patissier, creme au beurre, creme amande, creme pistache

Knives and cutting: Chiqueter, scorring, pincer,

Preparing doughs (preparation de pates): rolling, cutting and hitting dough, pinching dough

Glazing: clear/natural glaze, red glaze, egg wash and buttering.

Piping and tips: various tip sizes and shapes, example: plain, star

Machines: Kitchen Aid Heavy Duty, Koma freezer, fridges, blast freezers and oven.

Cleaning & disinfectants: what and how to clean in a professional kitchen plus associated cleaning and disinfectant products.

* professional kitchen

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