Short crust dough [Pate a foncer (brisee)]

Ingredients – 
Flour (de la farine), 250g
Butter (du beurre), 125g
Salt (du sel), 5g
Granulated sugar (sucre en poudre), 25g
Egg yolk (1), (jaune d’oeuf), 20g
Water approximately (de l’eau), 50g

Method –
Dissolve the sugar and salt in water.
‘Sabler’ the butter and the flour – rub together tightly until sandy, then make a well in the centre.
Add the yolk and water into the centre, control the consistency of the dough with water.
Mix the ingredients without overworking the dough – use more your fingers.
‘Fraser’ quickly without giving elasticity to the dough.
Make a ball and flatten.
Store in fridge before use.

Notes of miss pirisi:
Sabler means to make sandy or like sand. We do this by rubbing our hands together.
Fraser means to cut the dough and pull it out removing any lumps of butter or flour. At school we use a metal pastry scraper, alternatively you can use the palm of your hands to fraser.

This recipe is from the student class recipe book, Anglophone Patisserie 2013, created by Chef Patissier, D. Averty of l’ecole FERRANDI . The recipe can be subject to change at the discretion of the Chef or any other Chef at any time. The success of this recipe depends on a number of factors such as the quality of ingredients, temperature and quality of appliances, temperature of the kitchen, skill of the student and/or patissiere and timing.

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