Tarte au Cafe [Coffee tart] – Pierre Hermé

This recipe is not so straight forward. It was a collective effort both students and chef pulled this one together.  If you’re not so ambitious to make this recipe but you’re envious to taste it you can find this exact tarte, petit and large version at Pierrre Hermé, it’s his recipe or at least a version of it. You can also find another version of this tart, the flavour of Infiniment Vanille, from the book Best of Pierre Hermé.

Tarte au Cafe [Coffee Tart] is a delicious layering of coffee cream, spongy biscuit and ganache on a crunchy biscuit base. Then to finish a coffee glaze which gives gloss, and even better has a toffee stickness to it which has you licking your finger tips. Here is a very brief view of Tarte au Cafe in the making, it’s more like a revision for me.

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Tarte au Cafe (Coffee Tart) recipe –

from Pierre Hermé reproduced by Ferrandi Pastry Chef, Didier Averty .

3 tarts (each 17 cm diameter)
Sweet tart dough

Butter (creamed), 150 g
Almond powder, 25 g
Powdered sugar, 100 g
Liquid vanilla, 1 g
Eggs, 60 g
Guérande Salt, 1 g
Flour, 250 g

Combine the creamed butter, powdered sugar, and almond power in a beater using the paddle attachment. Add the vanilla and eggs and blend. Add the salt and flour.
Turn out of the beater and chill.

Coffee-flavored Whipped Cream (3 rings)

Whipping cream, 400 g
Coffee extract, 8 g
(or ground coffee), 35 g
Homemade caramel, 3 g
Granulated sugar, 30 g
Gelatin sheets, 3 g
Water, 18 g

Soak the gelatin in cold water.
Make an infusion with the coffee and warm cream. Add the caramel, the granulated sugar, the gelatin and stir into the warm cream.
Combine well and refrigerate until chilled.
Beat the cream.
Mold into lightly heated tart rings (17 cm).
Unmold immediately and freeze.

Biscuit à la cuiller – 12 rounds
Granulated sugar, 125 g
Egg whites, 200 g
Egg yolks, 110 g
Inverted sugar, 10 g
Flour, 70 g
Corn starch, 70 g
Strong coffee, 200 g

Whip the egg whites with the sugar. Add the yolks and inverted sugar and stir for several seconds. Incorporate the sifted flour and starch into the mixture. Pipe the mixture into spirals (18 cm) with a pastry tip.

Coffee Ganache (3 tarts)
Whipping cream, 170 g
White chocolate, 235 g
Coffee, 16 g

Infuse the coffee in the warm cream.
Strain through a fine sieve.
Pour over the chopped chocolate one third at a time, stirring well after each addition.

Coffee Glaze (Miroir Café 3 tarts)
White chocolate, 300 g
Cream, 130 g
Glucose, 6 g
Sugar syrup 1260, 18 g
Clear glaze, 270 g
Coffee extract, 8 g
Homemade caramel, 8 g
Deep yellow food coloring

Boil the cream and pour it over the white chocolate.
Mix as for a ganache.
Heat the clear glaze and combine with the glucose, sugar syrup caramel and the coffee extract. Combine with the ganache and mix.
Correct the color with the food coloring.

Roll out the dough, fit into 20 cm tart rings, and blind bake until lightly browned.
Make the coffee whipped cream and mold it into rings. Remove from the rings and freeze.
Pour a little of the coffee ganache over the bottom of the precooked tart shells.
Soak the biscuit cuiller with strong coffee and place in the tart shells.
Press down and cover with the ganache, until even with the top edge of the tart.
Refrigerator until set.
Glaze the disks of frozen whipped cream with the coffee glaze at 38/40°C and let drain for a few minutes.
Trim off any drippings and place on the tarts.
Decorate with coffee beans.


You can find Pierre Herme’s recipe for TARTE INFINIMENT VANILLE in his book Best of Pierre Herme.

Note: This recipe is taken from the cookbook Anglo Patisserie created by Pastry Chef of Ferrandi, Didier Averty. The recipe may change depending on the direction of the chef. Updates by the Chef to this recipe are possible. The recipe in this post is the recipe that was created at the time of making.

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    • Bonjour Eva!
      I have for you the recipe 🙂 You may have to refresh your page to see the recent update of this post, Tarte au Café (Cofee Tart) – Pierre Hermé. Good luck and enjoy!
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  1. Hi, thank you for sharing this wonderful knowledge. I got admission in Escf too but my visa came really late because of which I couldn’t attend. But so glad to see your recipes here. Would it be possible to share the recipe for linzer tart?


  2. Hello, thank you for sharing your lovely recipes and the knowledge that you gained at ESCF. I was suppose to attend the school in 2011 but due to visa delay my plans changed. Would it be possible for you to share the recipe for the linzer tart? Thank you 🙂


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