Dacquoise is a light almond chewy sponge biscuit used as a base for an entremet, or used as a layer within an entremet or tart.

250 grams off egg whites (blanc d’oeufs)
115 grams of granulated sugar (sucre en poudre ou sucre semoule)
200 grams of almond powder (poudre d’amande)
100 grams of icing sugar (sucre glace)
50 grams of chopped nuts (noisettes)
Sift the almond powder and the icing sugar together.
Chop the nuts very fine with knife and mix with the almond powder and icing sugar.
Whisk the egg whites with the sugar added in 3 parts.
Fold in the almond powder mixture with a flexible spatula.
Pipe with a pastry tip size No.8 or N.10 in the form of the tart ring.
Bake 180°C.
Remove from oven when moist, lightly coloured and firm.

This recipe is from the student class recipe book, Anglo Pastry 2013, created by Chef Patissier, D. Averty of l’ecole FERRANDI . The recipe can be subject to change at the discretion of the Chef. The success of this recipe depends on an number of factors such as the quality of ingredients, temperature of ingredients, kitchen and appliances, skill and knowledge of the student.


TEVA presents Le Gateau de mes Reves with Christophe Michalak demonstrating coconut DACQUOISE.

CACAO BARRY presents Arnaud Larher MOF and Philippe Bertrand MOF explaining hazelnut DACQUOISE.

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